Social Media Marketing In 2011

Well, my friend, I believe it is time to start seriously thinking about how social media can rapidly grow your company or brand in 2011.

Do you really want to learn more about social networking?? Do you want to have a huge presence on the major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc? This is where everyone that is anyone hangs out these days. If you’re not using social networking, you are missing out on a potential HUGE customer base.

In today’s climate, business and pleasure are very closely linked and what I mean by that is, people will only do business with you if they feel they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you…..

So imagine I am your potential customer. I want to know a bit more about you and that is where the power of social media is unmatched.
For example, who are you? Where do you live? What are your likes, your dislikes? Have you a family, talk to me about your kids, your hobbies etc, etc. It is all about that feeling that you know someone and if you feel you know someone, you are more likely to trust them! That is how and why Social Media has taken off to the extent that it has in recent years.

When people land on your site, they have many unanswered questions in their head….They want to KNOW who you are….they want to be reassured there is a REAL person behind this website. They want assurances that this is not some robot, some automatic system that just keeps trying to sell product after product to them.

So in your communication, you talk about yourself, what you’ve been doing, your sadness or your happiness and give them some value. Give them value and this could be a blog post you’ve written, an article you wrote or one that you know would be interesting to people.

This way, you are building a relationship and that will create a natural curiosity in the people you are communicating with….you will be generating an interest in yourself. People will then naturally want to know more about you and will ask. They will see you as a person of authority, someone who knows their subject well and will ask your opinion or for a solution to a problem they may have.

Can you see people doing this, asking for solutions to a problem to some nameless, faceless person at a website? Absolutely not! That is why it is so important that you take the time to create and build a relationship with people. That is what the SOCIAL in Social Networking actually means!